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Hello. I has put together a list of some the flash files/firmware of the LG C Series Feature Phone. Although these phones are somewhat out of fashion, but it just works for those who really need it. Good luck.

LG C Series Feature Phone Flash File / Firmware Download:

LG C Series feature Phone Includes

LG Wink

  • C100 ROM_LGC100AT-00-V10a-WEY-XXX-DEC-31-2010_0
  • C105 ROM_LGC105AT-00-V10c-ARB-XXX-OCT-13-2010-0
  • C305 BIN_LGC305AT-00-V10i-ARB-XXX-JUL-13-2011-0

LG Town

  • C300 ROM_LGC300AT-00-V10b-EEY-XXX-DEC-02-2010-0

LG Intouch Lady

  • C320i BIN_LGC320iAT-00-V10c-ARB-XXX-MAY-25-2011_0

LG Golf

  • C360 BIN_LGC360AT-00-V10c-EUY-XXX-OCT-27-2011-0

LG Cookie Tweet

  • C375 BIN_LGC375AT-00-V10e-ARE-XXX-JAN-13-2012_0

LG Optimus Pro

  • C660 LGC660AT-00-V10d-EUY-XX-JAN-30-2012_0-DZ
  • C660H LGC660hAT-00-V10d-BRA-XX-SEP-05-2011_0

LG C710 Aloha

  • C710H LGC710hAT-02-V20b-302-220-APR-24-2012-0

LG Doubleplay

  • C729 DZ-LGC729AT-01-V10h-310-260-SEP-30-2011_0

LG Quantum

  • C900 LG-C900AT-01-V11f-310-410-JUL-27-2011-0_DZ
  • C900B LG-C900BAT-01-V10h-302-610-AUG-08-2011_0_DZ
  • C900K LG-C900kAT-00-V10e-TEL-AU-OCT-12-2011_0_DZ


  • C195 BIN_LGC195AT-00-V10a-EUY-XXX-MAR-09-2012_0
  • C199 BIN_LGC199AT-00-V10d-ARB-XXX-JUN-15-2012-0
  • C205 BIN_LGC205AT-00-V10a-334-020-MAY-23-2012_1
  • C310 BIN_LGC310AT-00-V10d-MEA-XXX-JUN-04-2011-0
  • C333 BIN_LGC333AT-00-V10b-TUN-XXX-OCT-19-2012+0
  • C365 BIN_LGC365AT-00-V10c-EUY-XXX-JAN-07-2012-0
  • C370 BIN_LGC370AT-00-V10i-IRN-XXX-JUN-27-2012_0
  • C570F BIN_LGC570fOL-00-V10a-724-XXX-MAR-14-2011_0
  • C570G LG-C570gOL-01-V10e-SSV-XXX-NOV-15-2010_1

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Mário on 1 July, 2014 at 4:32 am #

Como faço para instalar essa firmware no lg c300?

Teej1 on 11 May, 2016 at 4:21 am #

thank you very much I have a LG C729 which lights up and stops right logo. if you can explain how to proceed flash

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