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Anybody know good tips & Tricks for the LG Bliss? I only found 3, and they are listed below. Hope it would be helpful. I’ll post anything else i find out, good luck! LG Phone Problem and Solution

LG Bliss tips & Tricks: Format MicroSD Card

  • Insert  a MicroSD card into your Bliss
  • Press the Menu button at the bottom of the Home Screen
  • Select the Phone Settings Icon on the screen (Little Phone with a Gear Icon)
  • Click on Memory
  • **NOTE** Formatting your External Memory will ERASE everything on your MicroSD card… BE CAREFUL not to erase important data like pictures and or Music and Videos.
  • Click on Format to clear all information from the MicroSD card
  • Enter your unlock code (Usually the last 4 numbers of your Phone Number

LG Bliss tips & Tricks: Activate USB Mass Storage Mode on my Phone

  • USB Mode?
  • You will need to have a microSD card in your phone.  Do the following.
  • * Click on the Menu icon on the home screen.
  • * Click on settings.
  • * Click on "USB Connection."
  • This screen will allow you to choose whether you want to set your phone to USB Modem or USB Mass Storage mode.
  • Plug in your USB Cable.
  • Your card will mount as a USB mass storage device and you should be able to access the folders and files on your card.
  • With your Phone plugged into your computer,  you will be able to use Windows Media 10 (Or Newer) or Rhapsody you will also be able to sync music with your phone.

LG Bliss tips & Tricks: Copy or Move pictures from your internal Memory to your MicroSD Card

  • Click on the menu Icon on the Home Screen.
  • Click on “My Stuff”
  • Click on "Gallery"
  • You should now see all of your pictures.
  • Click on the menu icon in the top right of the screen. (it looks like several Horizontal Lines)
  • Choose "Move"
  • Select "Card"
  • Touch each of the pictures you want to move and a little check mark will appear at the bottom of the picture, or simply choose "Select All"
  • Choose "Done" and It will now move them. LG-Bliss info

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