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Hi, I just got the LG Bliss and really love it so far except the Music Player that comes with it is terrible (can only play one song at a time!). Does anyone know if there is a media player app that can be loaded on this phone? LG Phone Problem and Solution

I have tried for a few hours to install the Soundbar app from VirginLive but can’t seem to find a link to the download anywhere on or through the phone? (not sure if Soundbar is available for the LG Bliss?) Any suggestions or help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance. LG-Bliss info

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burlapper on 23 November, 2010 at 6:32 pm #

I have the complaint with the lg bliss 700 …i talk to a tec at LG and was told that there is an update for this.. I sent my phone off to get the updates and I still cant play more then 1 song/vid at a time this sucks .. but other wise i have on prob’s with this phone …any 1 can help us all with the player thing please.TY…..burlapper

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