LG BL Series feature Phone Flash File / Firmware

While it’s true that smartphones will grow in percentage and feature phones will become more sophisticated in time, these lower-end phones are not going away anytime soon.

Following is the Flash File / Firmware for the LG BL Series feature Phones, hope this will help you.

LG BL Series feature Phone Flash File / Firmware Download:

LG BL Series feature Phone Includes:

LG Chocolate BL20:

  • BL20: BIN_BL20AT-00-V10l-EUR-XXX-JUN-23-2010
  • BL20E: BL20eAT-00-V10k-CHN-XX-DEC-11-2010
  • BL20GO: DZ_BL20AT-01-V10a-234-10-SEP-06-2009
  • BL20CF: BIN_BL20cfAT-01-V10a-724-06-APR-07-2010
  • BL20V: BIN_BL20vAT-00-V10h-454-XXX-AUG-26-2010

LG Chocolate BL40:

  • BL40: BIN_BL40AT-00-V10k-CIS-XX-MAY-13-2010
  • BL40E: BL40eAT-00-V10h-OPEN-XX-APR-30-2010
  • BL40G: BL40g-DZ-V10a-OCT-13-2009-TELUS-CA
  • BL40F: DZ_BL40fAT-00-V10a-724-XXX-OCT-13-2009
  • BL42K: BIN_BL42kAT-00-V10b-505-01-NOV-02-2009

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