LG Bikini – touchscreen phone

LG Electronics in South Korea¬† launched a dual color touch mode of operation of the 3 G “Bikini phone. The Bikini phone includes InteractPad which replaces the navigation keys and makes this phone more flexible to use than standard keys.

  LG Bikini Touchscreen Phone Photos

LG Bikini Touchscreen Phone Photos

An interesting feature of the touchscreen phone is the InteractPad which replaces physical navigation keys with context-specific virtual keys that change to fit the task at hand.It comes in two versions; HSDPA(model: LG-SH640/KH6400) and Revision A(model: LH6400). Meanwhile, the phone has already released with the name of ‘Venus(model: LG-VX8800’ in US market and ‘Touch Menu Phone(model: LG-KF600)’ in Europe market.

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