LG Banter arrives at Alltel

The LG Banter, also named LG Rumor 2 from Sprint currently comes in at $50 after rebates (and with a new 2 year contract) so we’d expect Alltel to price their version accordingly.  LG Cell phone news

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Like the Sprint LG Rumor 2, the Alltel LG Banter comes with a two-inch screen, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 1.3-megapixel camera, interchangeable back-plates and stereo Bluetooth support and microSD card slot.

The Alltel LG Banter is apparently available now, although pricing is unclear.

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5 thoughts on “LG Banter arrives at Alltel”

  1. I took my ever faithful LG Scoop that survived hell and high water with me for nearly a year before the display went whacky. Well they quit making the Scoop so they replaced it with a Banter.

    I love the phone itself…but had it replaced under warrantly already within the first week for the reasons mentioned above. It turns off in the middle of menu surfing or texting and froze up twice in the middle of texting. They replaced it…and couldn’t get the contacts to transfer off of it because it wouldn’t read. The new one has already cut off on me twice.

    I, too, really like the phone. But those quirks are annoying so I hope they figure out how to fix it and replace it to those of us who already own the first string.

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