LG Axis User Guide / Manual Download

The LG Axis LGAS740 User Guide / Manual is now available on the LG official support site. So if you are new to LG Axis LGAS740 and not sure how to operate your new device. This User Guide / Manual may help you in setting up your device, personalizing, connecting, how to use accessories – from basic use to everything you need to know about your phone. The LG Axis LGAS740 User Guide / Manual is made in PDF Format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

To Download the LG Axis LGAS740 User Guide / Manual:

Below is the LG Axis LGAS740 Datasheet Datasheet download link:

LG Axis LGAS740 Phone Photos LG Cell Phone Pictures



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  1. download the pdf users manual — the home screen moving and removing instructions are on page 55

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