LG Arena tips – Removing a contact picture

Yesterday a friend of mine asked me how to remove the contact picture on his LG Arena, he chose some pictures for incoming calls but don’t know how to undo it. LG-Arena info

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Here’s the solution, maybe it’s helpful. Go to Dislpay settings –> screen images. There you’ll find and can change both incoming and outgoing call image. LG Phone Problem and solution

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3 thoughts on “LG Arena tips – Removing a contact picture”

  1. hi

    Just got an lg arena and im lovin it. I have a small problem though which i find very annoying. Whenever I assign a picture to a contact it duplicates it on the My Images folder, and when I delete it, it removes it from the contact as well. I also tried to put the thumbnail photos on a new folder and again they were removed from the contacts. Is there any way to fix this?
    thanks a lot

  2. i am getting the lg arena from christmas 2010 but i don’t know if your problem can be solved apparantely there is a man called geoff.. somthing when i read reviews on this phone and there are problem every one mentions geoff and says he fixes there little problems

    i hope i have helped

    p.s would you recommend this phone

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