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Hey folks, I just found a nifty little trick for multitasking on my LG Arena.

LG Arena tips for multitasking -  How to keep the music player on with a Java application running:

  1. Run whatever Java App you want
  2. Hold down the middle cube button until that multitasking menu comes up
  3. Go to music player.. choose whatever song you wanna play, playlist whatever
  4. Now click. umm touch on the back arrow which takes you back to the main screen and go to your java app through the normal menus (doesn’t work if you try and go back to the apps through the multitasking menu)
  5. The app that you had running will have a little ‘pause’ thingie next to it… Click on it… yaeeyaa right back into it

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Now you got the music running in the background with whatever application you want running and there you have it folks.. cool huh… im sure half of you have already figured this out… this is for the other half. LG-Arena info

WARNING: Phone tends to freeze itself if you tend to go back and forth between the player and the app more than a couple of times so I suggest you set it on a playlist or something…. Also this doesn’t work if you try and run an app after you run the music player… that just turns the music off… so yea.

If it doesn’t work for you, I believe it has something to do with your firmware version. Hope it helps you, enjoy!

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