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Hey everyone, I’ve decided to write a guide how to install WeTravel navigation(and make it work, of course!).   LG Cell Phone Software

How to install LG Arena Software – Offline GPS Navigation WeTravel InstructionsLG-Arena info

1. Download files that you need from that website – http://we-travel.co.cc/  – attached file is without D-pad.NOTE: Enable touchscreen option in settings.
MENUS -> >= V00.02 RC26 ->Whatever you wan’t i’ve downloaded default menu.
VOICEPACKS -> >= V00.02 RC 6 -> -||- (female news reader for me)
MAPS -> Choose what map you want. For example Czech Republic, Germany, Spain etc.
INSTALLSUPPORT -> Installconfig ( For language support )

2. Unpack all folders in your pc and connect your LG Arena via usb cable ( Choose Mass Storage ).

3. Now do following – Make folder WeTravel in root of your memory card.

4. Next step. In WeTravel folder we will create another folders. (Bold names must be the same !)

:card/WeTravel/Map/ map files that you’ve unpacked.
:card/WeTravel/Voices/Voice folder with random name(depends what file you downloaded)/ voice files
:card/WeTravel/Config/ language config files(choose your language)
:card/WeTravel/Menus/Menu file folder with random name/ menu files
:card/ WeTravel / xx. jar
:card/ WeTravel / xx.jad

5. Disconnect phone, check in connectivity setting if GPS is set to Internal, then navigate My Files -> Memory Card -> WeTravel and install rcxx.jad. After installation don’t start WT.

6. The program is now available in ‘Games and Applications *’ in the menu of the phone. Hit the application a set every permitions to – Always allow

7. Now start the program – search the root and set options such as menu and language. Skip the City and Street, in the menu open GPS settings and set – Internal GPS(JSR-179)

8. Go outside, restart WeTravel and wait. It will take some time until it find your location ( depends on firmware i think ).

This method is working for me. Feel free to ask !

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8 thoughts on “LG Arena Software – Offline GPS Navigation WeTravel”

  1. I can install the program, but I am unable to run it again. It stops with the opening screen where it freezes… 🙁

  2. The root search directory stop while it scans and the phone don’t respond.
    Do you have an idea?

  3. Is it possible to install without memory card ? Without it I cant install and jar is only executable not program …

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