LG Arena Software – MGMaps GPS with Offline Maps

Following the tutorial below made by boscaini, I finally got the MGMaps GPS working on my LG Arena with Offline Maps without any problem. Now I copy the instruction to my blog and share it to you folks, hope it is help. Enjoy!! Install JAD files of MGMaps, to avoid the boring questing about data access, and configure MGMaps: LG Cell phone Software

Menu > Settings > Map Browsing: Activate the options "Stored Maps" and "Off-line Mode"
In "Storage Path" set "Other/MGMapsCache" (the maps you have to generate using Mapcacher(map Creation Tool for MGMaps) and gMapMaker, copy the whole MGMapsCache folder created by gMapMaker to the Others folder in your phone.)
In option “Memory Cache (Kb)” set the value 65536.
In Menu > Settings > Display, in option Coordinate Format select (DD.ddddd). Restart MGMaps
In Menu > Map Types > Not Available check the option Google Maps.
In Menu > Maps Type > Yahoo Maps uncheck all options.

Offline maps should be working.

Configure GPS in LG Arena phone:
Enter in Hide Menu ("calling" 1809#*900#)
Go to Others –> A-GPS Test –> Settings.
GPS Type: Standalone
Fix Type: Tracking
Operation Mode: Autonomous


Start MGMaps, put the LG Arena in your pocket, and go take a walk for about 20 minutes…your location will be marked with a blue dot. (an upside down Drop), Hope it helps… Working nice for me!! LG-Arena info

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35 thoughts on “LG Arena Software – MGMaps GPS with Offline Maps”

  1. I done allthings but when i select “where am I” became gps error … I tried with 1809#*900# the same, cant find my location.
    What to do to use only the maps in the memory ?

  2. my arena gps function are not working. they show me some error like”impossible de terminer i’installation veuillez reessayer”
    I done allthings … I tried with 1809#*900# the same, What to do to use only the maps in the memory ?

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