LG Arena software – Google maps (touch screen)

I found this google maps v232 on LG Vu forum which suppors touch screenfor LG Arena. I thought I’ll share this if somebody is looking for, because by default it downloads non touch screen version which is a waste. Cheers!! LG-Arena info

LG Arena software google maps (touch screen) download http://rapidshare.com/files/246683587/gmaps-232-m2_ts_L1.jar

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The Google maps works fine with touch screen, If you have some trouble when you installing it and it says “authorisation failed”, You could simply change the name of the new Google Maps, so it will be installed aside to the old one. Extract the contents of the JAR, goto META-INF and open MANIFEST.MF, change there "MIDlet-name: xx" to whatever you want. Then zip the stuff again (and rename it to .jar) and install it, should not ask for replacement. No guarantee. LG Cell phone Software

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7 thoughts on “LG Arena software – Google maps (touch screen)”

  1. does the google maps “my location” (or my position) function work fine with this version (gmaps-232-m2_ts_L1.jar)?

  2. i downloaded this on my lg bliss but when i try search a new location the keyboard wont come up to type it in any suggestions

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