LG Arena problem – cant show internal memory on PC

If you connect your LG Arena to the computer using a USB, but it can’t show your internal memory (have installed LG Arena PC Suite lll on your PC). Here’s a solution posted by ben88 on LG forum. Thanks to ben88 again. LG-Arena info

I solved it by:
1. right click on ‘my computer’ and click ‘manage’
2. select ‘disc management’
3. if you see the phone in the bottom window, right click it and select ‘change drive letter’.

Changed mine to F: (also, I had an external memory card, set that to G: ) worked fine after that. Cheers!! LG Phone Problem and solution

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10 thoughts on “LG Arena problem – cant show internal memory on PC”

  1. Does this fix if you delete video things from multimedia and the the free space doesn’t come back.?

    Anyway i will try at home tnite.

  2. and how to fix the problem if i don’t see the internal or external memory on pc. I’m with XP SP3 with latest updates and i plug the phone in to the usb cable directly to the pc whiout any other cables or hubs then the phone starts to instal some drivers for usb modem and so… after that it asks to install the LG software then i install it unplug the phone restart the phone and PC conect the phone select mass storage and nothing i won’t show anywere nothing on the disk manager the after a wile i made it some how to see the both memory but the it start to disconnect and connect and the pc freezes ……….. where is the problem i am out of ideas tried whitout the lg soft nothing same first or second problem. sorry for my english

  3. m bought lg gd510 touch mobile in june. my touch is often not working and becomes less sensitive sometimes.. two times i changed touch in lg service center with in a time span of 1 month.. they(service people) told because of usage its happenes like that.
    any one pls tell me for all of them who r using lg gd510 having same problem or for me only?
    if me only means what mobile can i buy for good sensitivity touch with wifi,3g,more features

  4. i have no problem but bcoz of low internal memory, i cant install many apps.. n my phone slow down. … can i change internal memory upto 256 MB ?

  5. hi i have same problem as X, i could not even flash firmware cause of this but managed somehow with flashtool e2 by pluging battery in right after connecting usb to laptop. the thing is firmware flashing did not solve this. sometimes if i leave it plugged in mass storage comes up but keeps reconnecting all the time and it is posible to transfer files between reconnects. anyone with the same situation or any good idea what might be the problem?

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