LG Arena KM900 S-Class UI caught on video

Are you the type who falls deaf in the presence of the latest gadget? Add a girl and your mouth falls agape from the loss the muscle control required to speak? Good, we’ve got the video for you. A site in Sweden is showing off LG Arena KM900 flagship phone along with a first peep at its dynamic 3D S-Class UI.

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While we’re not seeing any of that promised multi-touch here, the cubic interface is interesting and makes good use the LG Arena KM900’s 3-inch, 800 x 480 pixel WVGA display and dedicated media chip. the LG Arena KM900 is also expected to hit in April for 4,500 Swedish Krona or $535 US if our translation of that image (lower-left) is correct. Worth it? Hit the read link for the video (in Swedish) and let us know.

[Thanks, Martin]   Via: engadgetmobile

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  1. i am using Lg Arena km 900 phone ,while opening of gmap the error occurs “network unavilable ” even though my sim is gprs active.

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