LG Arena KM900 officially confirmed

LG will be announcing its new high-end media phone LG Arean KM900 at the Mobile World Congress. LG Arean KM900 looks like the Samsung Omnia and Apple iPhone and I will surely sample LG KM900 Arena at MWC and report my impressions here. LG Cell phone news

[Via: intomobile]

LG Arean KM900 phone photosLG Cell phone pictures





















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15 thoughts on “LG Arena KM900 officially confirmed”

  1. DAVE!! 🙂

    Your sooooooo right,, im your biggest fan David,, i just love you, i want to make love to you all night long, while were surfing the web on our new lg arena phones 🙂

    Love YOu Long time davidddd xxxxxxxx

  2. I was thinking of getting the itouch (lukes phone!!) but the L>G appealed too me from my first glance !!! so hear i am writing a message EVERYONE BUY AN LG

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