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This iPhone theme is originally made in Russian, and now it’s translated to English by Roby and Cristian. BDW, they added a new widget and a new keylock in the original theme. I’ve installed it to my LG Arena, wow, I have to say it works so great, it is the most beautiful theme on my LG Arena I have ever seen!! I will offer the screenshots below, hope you like it. LG-Arena info

To download the iPhone theme for you LG Arena
    Link for DMF :Download
    Link for Flash contents :Download

How to install the iPhone theme onto the LG Arena? Very easy just replace dmf folder from archive with your dmf folder from cust and copy the contents from flash contents to your internal memory phone in Flash Contents Folder. This theme doesn’t brick your LG Arena phone, tested 100%, try it because is really a beautiful theme. LG Cell Phone Software

LG Arena iPhone Theme Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures

iphone_lg_arena_4 iphone_lg_arena_2 iphone_lg_arena_1















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  1. I did all of that an i see the icons an everything there but it isnt set to be the theme so how do you do that

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