LG Arena has attracted 1 million preorders online

It’s reported that so far more than 1 million LG Arean have been pre-ordered, by various preorders from around the world. LG Arena is really a very nice device, although it’s not a smartphone.

Games supported on the phone are of all kinds. You can download Java games from inbuilt downloading facility. It also has floating image gallery which makes it unique to view images taken by the phone. The LG Arena also has GPS, 3G, HSDPA 7.2 support, Wi-Fi. One can browse different types of website in HTML, XHTML and WAP formats. Connection to other devices can be made using Bluetooth and USB ports.

LG Arena phone photos – LG Cell phone pictures



The LG Arena makes a lot of promise, even when compared to its smaller brother, the LG Viewty. The LG Arena’s retail price is still not known, but it’ll probably be unveiled in the next few weeks, when the handset should go on sale across Europe.

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