LG Arena Flash!!

I’ve just posted a tutorial on how to flash your LG Arena. If you get an error at the end of the flashing and fail to update, see this post:   LG Phone Problem and solution 

LG Arena Flashing steps:  LG-Arena info
1. Install LG Arena PC Suite III.
2. Install LG Arena USB Modem Driver.
3. With the phone ON and battery in, plug the LG Arena into computer, and select "PC Suite" mode on the phone.  (PC Suite will open on your computer, leave it running in the background).
4. Extract LG-Utils.zip into folder: C:\LG-Utils\
5. Copy the firmware .cab file into C:\ (in the root folder).
6. Install B2CAppSetup.exe while computer is connected to the internet.
7. Go to C:\LG-Utils\ and run KP500-Utils-EN.exe.
8. In the DOS window that shows up, input the following:
          Type: I
          Phone Mode: KM900
          File(.CAB): C:\V10G_00.cab  (change this to whatever version you are flashing with)
          Version (SW Version): V10G_00  (same as above, but without the "C:\" and without ".cab")

9. In the pop-up window, select the following:
          Choose Country: Other
          Language: English
10. Click Update.
11. Leave the phone alone, it may reset itself a couple times (this should take 10-20 minutes).
12. Wait until Update Completed message shows.
13. If an error occurs, close the Update Program, then unplug the phone.
14. Turn the phone on and see if the firmware is changed.
15. If firmware is changed, but there are bugs, then go into the Service Menu by pulling up the dial pad and typing "1809#*900#".
16. Select "Factory Reset" WARNING: there will be no confirmation message, once you press "Factory Reset" the phone will erase everything.
17. Restart your computer in the mean time too.
18. Once Factory Reset is done and your computer has been restarted too, plug the phone back into the computer, and select "PC Suite" mode again.
19. Go back to Step 7 and repeat everything up to Step 12, the Update should complete without error.

Credit: MeLG    Source: www.mylgarena.com

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7 thoughts on “LG Arena Flash!!”

  1. I’ve got a problem.
    Everything was going good until the cell was disconnected accidentally. Now when I try to do everything again it is not working. First of all it says
    “fail to decode the specify file”
    but now It says “There was a big problem in the installation” so I can only shut the program.
    Someone can help me?
    Another thing is that when I take a photograph I can not make the flash work!!! I tryed setting the “flash always” but it is still not working. Hope you can help me!!!

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