LG Arena approved by FCC with US 3G support

The FCC approved the LG Arena as the “KM900QA”.   Test Report indicates this phone is operating on WCDMA 850/1900.  This means the LG Arena will likely show up on AT&T, though that hasn’t been confirmed or denyed.  LG Cell phone news

LG Arena phone photos – LG Cell phone pictures



At the moment, the only firmed features are WiFi access, but there’s no indication previous information has been proven false, so you can expect a 5-megapixel camera, GPS and 8GB of storage on the LG Arena, plus microSDHC. We’re taking a wait and see approach with this one, but with 3G on the docket, it’s very likely this one will show up on AT&T soon.   LG-Arena info

Via slashgear

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