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When you first get your LG Android device, LG Ally/Optimus/Apex/Axis/Phoenix and or Vortex, the Android operating system should have already created the folders that it needs on your MicroSD card to store files. In addition, most applications will create additional folders as needed  as well. LG Android Phones

  • Android – Used by Android OS and applications (Created by the OS)
  • .android_secure – Used by the Android OS (Created by the OS)
  • DCIM – This folder is for Photos and contains another folder named Camera which contains all of the photos and videos taken by the phone’s camera (Created by the OS)
  • Download – Will be automatically create as needed for downloaded files
  • LOST.DIR – Android created folder that stores “Lost files” (Created by the OS)

Optional Folders you can create to organize your files

There are some optional folders that you can create that will help access Music, custom Notification tones and Alarms and help organized your file system.

  • Music – Place your Music files in this folder to be recognized by the Media Player
  • Ringtones – You can create this folder to hold custom Ringtones
  • Notifications – You will need to create this folder and put you tones into it if you want them recognized as “Notification Tones”
  • Alarms – Create this folder if you want to use Custom Ringtones for your Alarms

Other folders will be created by the Operating System or Applications as needed.

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