LG Ally VS740 Customer Review

I’ve just had the new LG Ally VS740 for a week and today I’ve to say, I quite like this phone. The keyboard is excellent, no learning curve, and the touchscreen is great. Could it be bigger? Yes, but (and I do have young eyes) with the excellent resolution, I don’t need to do a lot of zooming (plus, pinch zoom is so much fun to show people with Rogues who think they own a smartphone). LG Android Phones

I had a few lag issues the first night with the LG Ally VS740, but it may have had something to do with the 50 apps I installed, uninstalled, sometimes reinstalled as I got my first taste of the Android market. I used it for the first time in earnest today at work, and I think I’m going to be comfortable with leaving my laptop at home for short business trips. I was able to handle e-mails, fairly complex calendar entries, my to-do list, and a good deal of my daily browsing very comfortably, and without any more typos that I make on a full keyboard. I haven’t used previous versions of Android, but if 2.2 is even better I’m already drooling. LG Cell Phone Reviews

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