LG Ally Tips – Adding Custom Ringtones and Notifications

Do you want to add custom ringtones and notifications on your LG Ally Android smartphone? Is it possible to change this setting to a custom ringtone? Were to put the custom ringtones and notifications on my microSD card? LG Phone Problem and Solution

It’s not as complicated as it appears. Hook up the LG Ally to your pc, and enable mass storage. LG Android Phones

Place your ringtones there.

  • /media/notifications is where custom notifications such as SMS alerts, emails, etc
  • /media/alarms is for custom alarm tones.
  • /media/ringtones is for sound files you want to use as ringtones

Rebooting your LG Ally phone when you’ve putting your file on these folder, the file will show up as whatever is in the tag info not the filename. Hope it is helpful! LG-Ally info

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