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LG Ally Tip – How to Use a MicroSD card Steps: LG-Ally info

1. Mount the USB Card on your PC

  1. Insert MicroSD card
  2. Connect the LG Ally to your computer with the USB Cable
  3. Once your LG Ally is detected there will be a Notification alert on the Ally.  Open the Notification window and click on the "USB Connected" mesage to open it.
  4. Another Dialog Box will open asking you if you want to "Mount" the USB drive to copy files.
  5. Click Mount.

2. DisMount the USB Card on your PC

  1. (NOTE), It is important to "DisMount" your MicroSD card from your PC BEFORE unplgging your Phone.
  2. On your PC, locate the "Safely Remove Hardware" Icon in the System tray in the lower right corner of your Screen. Left Click on the Icon and select the drive letter of the MicroSD Card and click on it. A message should pop up telling you that it is "Safe" to remove the hardware.
  3. On the LG Ally, access the Notification window and touch USB Connected and from the following dialog box select "DisMount" …  You can now safely unplug the phone from the PC.  LG Android Phones

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