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How to Organize Photos and Music on LG Ally? ThinkFree Office is a great and free app for you to do that. Following is the full instruction on How to Organize Photos and Music on LG Ally. Credit to AA. Good Luck. LG Android Phones

To Create A New Folder: LG Phone Problem and Solution
1. Open ThinkFree Office.
2. Touch My Docs in the top left corner of the screen.
3. Navigate to where you want to place your new folder.
4. Hit the menu button.
5. Touch New.
6. Touch Folder.
7. Enter folder name.
8. Touch OK.

To Rename A Folder:
1. Touch the folder until the popup menu appears.
2. Touch Rename. (You also have options to delete, move, copy, or upload the folder.)
3. Enter a new folder name.
4. Touch Yes.

To Move A Photo or Music File:
1. Navigate to where the file is located.
2. Touch the file until the popup menu appears.
3. Touch Move. (You can also Open, Upload, Rename, Copy, and Delete the file.)
4. Navigate to the folder you want to place the file.
5. Touch Choose. LG-Ally info

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