LG Ally Tip – Direct Dial

Doesn’t the LG Ally support the direct dial shortcut on the desktop? I am trying to add contacts on my desktop that I would like 1-touch access to but the only way to add a contact is using the shortcut to contact. Following is tutorial on how to add direct dial shortcut on LG Ally’s desktopLG Android Phones

  1. Long press a blank area on any home screen
  2. Select SHORTCUTS
  3. Select DIRECT DIAL
  4. Your CONTACTS page will open
  5. Select entry to be added
  6. An icon is added to your home screen
  7. Touch the icon and your call is initiated

Now you have the direct dial shortcut on your home screen, it’s convenient way for you to make a phone call, right? I hope this is helpful, good luck! LG-Ally info

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2 thoughts on “LG Ally Tip – Direct Dial”

  1. Just purchased LG Ally. How do you move shortcuts to a different screen and how do you remove shortcuts that are not needed?

  2. How to move: just drag the shortcuts to very edge and hold it there for a couple of seconds …. it can be touchy until you learn it.

    How to delete: long press the shortcuts — when it wiggles/vibrates, you can drag it down to the drawer (which becomes a trash bin)

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