LG Ally Software and Tools Download

I noticed many people are looking for the software and tools for their LG Ally. Here I recommended 7 software that is most commonly used. I hope this helps and good luck with everything. LG-Ally info

You can have free use by download the following link, these files all have been tested on my LG Ally, works great without any problem. If you have no idea how to use the software an tools, search our site to find the matching tutorial.  LG Cell Phone Software

LG Ally software and tools Download: LG Android Phones

  1. LG Ally Source Kernel
  2. Ally SDK (Includes Old Root Tools)
  3. AllyRR Tool
  4. Drellisdee’s Rooted and Lite Custom Rom
  5. Ally V8 Stock ROM
  6. Ally 2.1 Stock Source Code
  7. Velocity Rom 0.1.1

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  1. I have only had this phone for a few weeks and tonight it locked up and I decided to turn it off to reset it but now it won’t turn back on. It makes the sound like it’s turning on but then gets stuck at the android symbol. Is this common and is anyone else experiencing similar issues?

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