LG Ally Root and Recovery Tool

The LG Ally root and recovery tool is very easy to use. LG Cell Phone Software

Set debug option in Settings, Applications, Development Check USB Debugging.
Plug in your LG Ally and make sure you have the drivers installed, wait for it to install your ADB drivers. LG-Ally info

** ALSO make sure you have a properly formated SDCard in the phone **
This program has error debugging built in, if it does not detect your LG Ally it does not continue. If it fails. Reboot your LG Ally and try again. Let the program do its thing.

LG Ally root and recovery download link

Now i need someone who is up for a challenge.
I flash phones to cricket, if you search my name you will see me everywhere.
There is a new technique that LG is using to make some settings revert in the NV memory of the LG Ally.

I think this might be done with the kernel, I have tried modifying the bin file a few times and flashing it with LGNPST, I either end up with a dead phone or a no go.

If anyone might have some information on this please share it. Thanks.




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  1. Has anyone figured out how to keep the MIP & MIP DUN Cricket Settings to save on the LG Ally NV settings? They keep reverting to default 0000000000VZW3G.COM

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