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LG Ally Editing Shortcuts: LG Android Phones

Highlight (select) text SHIFT + Arrow-keys
(adding alt = start/end of line, start/end of text-box)
Cut text to clipboard = MENU + x, or Highlight text, press & hold DPAD-CENTER, select Cut
Copy text to clipboard = MENU + c, or Highlight text, press & hold DPAD-CENTER, select Copy
Paste text copied to clipboard = MENU + v, or Highlight text, press & hold DPAD-CENTER, select Paste
Undo change = MENU + z (for example, this does not work in ClipNote Lite)
Select all text in field MENU + a, or Highlight text, press & hold

LG Ally Browser Shortcuts: LG-Ally info

Add bookmark = MENU + a
open Bookmarks = MENU + b
Cut text to clipboard = MENU + c
Downloads history MENU + d
sElect-mode for copy = MENU + e … finger-swipe over text, it is auto-copied to your clipboard
Find on page = MENU + f
paGe info = MENU + g
view History = MENU + h
zoom In = MENU + i
Jump back a page = MENU + j
go forward a page = MENU + k (mnemonic suggestions?)
enter urL = MENU + L
open New window MENU + n
Zoom out = MENU + o
settings Page = MENU + p
Refresh or stop page = MENU + r
Share webpage = MENU + s
open windows (Tabs) = MENU + t
close current Window = MENU + w
Go to home page MENU + ENTER
Page down SPACEBAR
(m,q,u,z don’t do anything … which is odd, because menu+Z undo would be rather helpful in posting-boxes)

LG Ally Map Shortcuts:

These worked on Ally / current gmaps version …
My Location MENU + 0 (zero)
Directions = MENU + d
Lattitude (JOIN and use) = MENU + L (not actually upper-case)
popular categorieS = MENU + s (can someone think of a reasonable mnemonic?)

Maybe from an older version of gmaps etc, but the following suggested shortcuts failed to do anything … maybe they might work in some context, but I don’t know what that would be:
Select map mode = MENU + m (did not work on Ally / current gmaps version)
History MENU + h (did not work on Ally / current gmaps version)
Go to Settings MENU + p (did not work on Ally / current gmaps version)
Zoom in MENU + i (did not work on Ally / current gmaps version)
Zoom out MENU + o (did not work on Ally / current gmaps version)

LG Ally GMail Shortcuts (while viewing message)

Reply All = a
archivE = e (2 keys to archive messages? am I misunderstanding something?)
Forward = f
next (older) message = j
previous (newer) message = k (anyone have a better mnemonic?)
goto Label = L (not upper case)
Mute conversation = m
Reply = r
assign label = v (better mnemonic?)
archive = y

LG Ally GMail Shortcuts (while viewing message-list)

Compose = c
goto Label = L
archive = y

Credit to marcus531

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