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If you are anticipate to fix issues on your Verizon Wireless LG Ally, we’ve got some good news. Verizon is ready to release a OTA Update for the LG Ally starting this weekend. There are numerous improvements and enhancements coming in this update: LG Android Phones

Improvements: LG Cell Phone Software

  • Increased QWERTY keyboard operability.
  • Streamlined alert functions.
  • Improved usability with alert sounds for authentication or confirmation of Bluetooth® functions.
  • Increased speed and response time for Messaging and Camera applications.

Enhancements:  LG-Ally info

  • Manage your schedule with preloaded Corporate Calendar application.
  • Improved Amazon MP3 application.
  • Preloaded Backup Assistant application is now available.
  • Enjoy an enhanced preloaded Visual Voicemail application.
  • Sync Facebook™ contacts with a new preloaded application.

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