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Here is the camera settings tutorial for the LG Ally Android Phone users.

When you first go into the LG Ally’s camera, it opens in landscape mode and you have menu options on both the left and right side of the screen.  LG Android Phones

On the right, there are three icons. The first is a switch that you can slide to change from camera to video. The second is used to take a photo or start/stop recording the video. The last one will open up your gallery or if it displays a ? then it will open up a help document that describes the different settings available. LG-Ally info

The left menu will slide off the screen after a couple of seconds. To re-activate it, just touch the screen. It consists of 5 options: Zoom, Exposure, Flash, Focus, and Settings.
Zoom displays a bar that you can slide from the left (Zoom Out) to the right (Zoom In).
Exposure also displays a bar that you can slide from the left (Darker) to the right (Lighter).

LG Ally Flash displays three options: Auto, Off, and On.

Focus displays two options: Auto Focus and Macro. Auto Focus will try to automatically find a spot to focus while Macro is used to take a photo of an object that is very close.
Settings has eleven different options: Image Size, Scene Mode, ISO, White Balance, Color Effect, Timer, Shot Mode, Image Quality, Auto Review, Shutter Sound, Store Location.

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More camera settings for the LG Ally:

Image Size – Choose between QVGA 320×240, VGA 640×480, 1M 1280×960, 2M 1600×1200, 3M 2048×1536 sizes. (I would leave this set to 3M unless I was running out of space on my SD Card.)

Scene Mode – Choose between Off, Portrait, Landscape, Sports, NIght, and Sunset.
ISO – Choose between Auto, 100, 200, 400, and 800. (I would leave this set to Auto.)

White Balance – Choose between Auto, Incandescent, Sunny, Fluorescent, and Cloudy. (I would just leave this on Auto.)

Color Effect – Choose between Off, Mono, Negative, Solarize, Sepia, Posterize, Whiteboard, Blackboard, and Aqua. (I will try these at a later time and hopefully upload a few examples.)

Timer – Choose between Off, 3 Seconds, 5 Seconds, and 10 Seconds.

Shot Mode – Choose between Normal, Smile Shot, Beauty Shot, Frame Shot, and Panorama Shot. (This one is something I have never used before but it sounds interesting. If you set it to Smile, it will automatically take a photo when the camera detects a smile. Beauty Shot will remove spots and imperfections in faces. Frame Shot will add a photo frame around the image. Panorama will create a panoramic image from composed images.)

Image Quality – Choose between Super Fine, Fine, and Normal. (I would leave this set to Super Fine unless I was running out of space on my SD Card.)

Auto Review – Choose between On or Off. (If you want to see your photo after you take it, change this option to On. You then have the option to delete it, share it, or set it as a background or contact image.)

Shutter Sound – Choose between Off or one of 4 Tones. (I just keep this on Tone 1 which is the normal camera sound. Off would be good if you are in a place where noise is frowned upon.)

Grid View – Choose between Off, 2×2 Grid, or 3×3 Grid. (Personally, I like a grid on my display. It helps to frame the object that I am taking a photo of.)

Store Location – Choose between Off and On. (This is handy if you want to know where a photo was taken. If you don’t care where it was taken, you can turn this option off.)
Some settings will change back to their default settings so you have to constantly change them if the default is not what you want. Auto Review and Store Location are two examples.

A word of caution about taking a photo of yourself or someone else in a dark room or when you have the scene set to Night. The flash gets very bright and can blind you.

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If you are going to use my information, please provide a link back to the original posting: http://www.lgallyforums.com/forum/18-tutorials-faqs/ and give me credit for it.

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Can a LG Ally take panarama pictures?

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Can I use my camera on my phone for my lap top to video on skype?

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can you install theis camera on my phone

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