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Did your LG Ally lose the capability to sync your corporate calendar? Have you solved your problem? If not, don’t worry, I am going to list the settings on my LG Ally. Hope this will help you. LG Phone Problem and Solution

A couple of things to check (based on my phone set up, of course)

1. In the email settings for your corporate acct: menu –> Account Settings. Scroll down to "Incoming Settings" and make sure "Sync Contacts" and "Sync Calendar" are checkmarked. LG-Ally info

Above that, I have my "amount to synchronize" set to 1 month, and "email check frequency" set to automatic (push).

2. in your Calendar: menu –> More –> Calendars: find your "corporate" calendar in the list and make sure it says "synced, visible." if not, you can cycle through the choices by clicking on that Calendar entry.

Now that it is syncing, it is working out pretty well, and I’ve reworked my Google calendars (multiple instead of just one) to utilize the color coding to help me sort everything out.

It seems to be working well in both directions… ticketing system –> corporate calendar –> phone calendar and vice versa.

If this doesn’t make any sense, then try to have an OTA update on your LG Ally, this will fix most problems. Or you can do a hard reset, it will be absolutely no problem. HAHA.

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