LG Ally Android 2.2 Update Soon?

I’ve had my LG Ally for about 2 months, and I really enjoy it so much. It has a good appearance, interaction and powerful functions. LG-Ally info

A short time before, LG officially announced its new LG Optimus series that they would be launched with Google Android 2.2 froyo OS. I understand Android 2.2 is supposed to be much faster than 2.1. As a high-end Android devices, the LG Ally is able to get the Android 2.2 update, so we hope LG will release it as soon as possible. I can’t wait any more!

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7 thoughts on “LG Ally Android 2.2 Update Soon?”

  1. I have heard that the Android 2.2 OS is going to be fast. I am currently using an iPhone but with the recent news of Android APP market hitting 100,000 and the release of version 2.2 I may soon be making the switch.

  2. I’ve had my Ally for a month I love the phone but there is a couple of issues have found. 1 I have to reboot my phone a couple times a day to get txt and email notifications. 2 my gps takes 30 minutes or so to sync when using the nav or google maps.

    I hope these get fixed.

    Also wondering is the Ally getting 2.2, if the HTC Eris can run 2.1 the Ally should be able to handle 2.2

  3. the word is brain you are wrong.. and adam you are correct. ally will be getting the 2.2 update but when that will happen, I do not know. It will be a while since the LG has there own modified OS that is slightly different to that of the Droids. So when it does come out, it will be sent to your phone as a system update like the last one they had did. Im sure it should be available by the end of september or sometime before the christmas holiday

  4. After two days I can say that this is the worst phone I have ever used. It turns off and on by itself, calls people at random, freezes up, goes dark, goes to new screens at random, battery dies and takes hours to recharge, poor reception etc.

  5. The insurance company replaced mt droid with the lg ally after they had already sent me two other phones uncomparable to droid. Unfortunatly the ally isn’t really any better, my droid by far beat this in speed,memory and productivity. Verizon wireless has a shitty insurance claim process. I was severally downgraded and it’s affecting my job performance. Droid does, lg ally posses

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