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Warning: Installing this Rom WILL format your system & Cache partitions prior to installation!!! Please backup your LG Esteem before you deciding to install the rom.

LD-LG ZVD Rom Included:

  • Power Menu Options [reboot, recovery & screenshot] (Thanks mtmichaelson)
  • LD-ZVD Speed Kernel
  • Stock Lockscreen (thanks MT)
  • Stock Metro/LG Theme & Launcher
  • Minor UI tweaks (for the better!)
  • Really debloated
  • Light & Fast
  • Huge Battery life
  • Removed ALL Metro crApps
  • ICS Swipe to remove notifications
  • Universal Adrenaline Shot modified for the rom
  • Data/app functionality!!!
  • Build Prop tweaks

These apps come installed to data by default, so you have the choice to delete them in “settings/applications/manage applications” if you don’t want them!

LD-LG ZVD for LG Esteem Download:

How to install the LD-LG ZVD rom on LG Esteem Steps:

  1. The installer-script is set to format system, cache & dalvik cache
  2. Make Backup of current ROM
  3. Wipe Data (use ez-wipe or manually via recovery)
  4. Flash rom
  5. Reboot and Enjoy
  6. Reboot again to enjoy even more! seriously!!!


  1. After flashing the rom and booting it up, you must REBOOT one more time for the ram tweaks to take affect!! Does NOT matter when, just at some point remember to reboot lol
  2. If you choose to Over Clock the rom, you should edit the sleepmode tweak in build.prop, the value is set at =1, you must change that value to =2 for better performance you can use Rom Toolbox from google play for free to do this.

Credits to ldrifta


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