Latest LG Optimus Black V10I Firmware Download

This is not a Gingerbread update for the LG Optimus Black, but it must be the last release before the Gingerbread. LG Cell Phone Software

Since these links are broken, I have posted a new article to list here:

LG Optimus Black V10I Firmware Download:

You can flash the LG Optimus Black to V10I by following steps:

  1. Download
  2. Install B2CAppSetup.exe (if you don’t have) B2CAppSetup.exe
  3. Install USB drivers from this program (if you don’t have)
  4. Turn on “debug mode” in phone (menu/settings/application/development/USB debugging), then plug in into computer.
  5. Wait for driver installation.
  6. Install Msxml.msi (right button in mouse)
  7. Use Enabler.exe and turn to “ON”
  8. Turn On UpTestEX_mod2_marwin.exe .select your KDZ file. Set emeregency, 3gQCT as pictured and press “NORMALL WEB UPGRADE TEST. (on screenshot)
  9. Flash starts automatically.

After flashing LG Optimus Black reboots automatically. LG-Optimus info

Caution: You flash it at your own risk. We have no responsibility for any damage to your phone, health, general well-being, or anything else untoward with respect to these instructions or you following them. LG Android Phones

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  1. When will LG be releasing the Gingerbread OS release for Optimus Black P970. Can you confirm up about any date please.

  2. Small question : if i don’t select Hungary for the language as shown in the last picture will it work ? Or it’s an update for hungary or something simmilar ?

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