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Here is the list of all the Latest Firmware for the LG GD900 Crystal. To install them you have to follow some rules!  LG Cell Phone Software

Before all!!

Install the LG GD900 Crystal pc suite first! If you are using windows xp you must install the service pack, because if not you will not have usb 2.0 capability. In any case, use only the original cable of the phone,  that must be without any enlonger, and put it in the usb on the back of the tower of your PC they have much voltage. When it finish to install your phone drivers disconnect  your phone, turn it off, remove your battery, attach the usb, it will install some other drivers drivers – when finished disconnect usb – return your battery and start the phone, than you can do all that you want!

You will need this software :
PC SUITE 3.2.8

Its the Standard Program from LG. It allows you to Up-and Download the "normal" Files, like Music, Photos etc

USB modem and flash drivers
LGMobile update TOOL

LG official firmware update tool

Flashing software that allows you to flash new firmwares and sometimes it help to bring Arena beck when not working

Flashing software that allows you to flash new firmwares and other cool options (convert kdz to cab, extract wdb..,)

Flashing software that allows you to flash new firmware

The LG GD900 Crystal, GC900 and KM900 have the same hardware and software with minor changes, so any tutorial that works for one its usable for all of them (you have just to use the GD900 drivers and files)!

If your phone is unlocked you can install on it any firmware! You can choose how to install your firmware with this tutorials:


If you want you can Always go back to the original firmware of your phone operator by updating with PC SUITE.

LG GD900 Crystal FIRMWARE LIST (sorted by LG release day):

GD900 V10f_00 HONG KONG OPEN 2010-03-09
GD900 V10f_00 SING TEL SINGAPORE 2010-03-09
GD900 V10C_00 INDIA OPEN 2010-02-24
GD900 v10f_00 ALGIERS 2010-02-10
GD900 V10f_00 TELECOM CONCEPTS INC Philippines 2010-02-07
GD900f V10a_00 CLARO BRAZIL 2010-02-07
GD900 V10e_00 KPN Netherlands 2009-12-22
GD900f V10a_02 CLARO CHILE 2009-12-18
GD900f V10A_03  TELEFONICA CHILE 2009-12-16
GD900 V10F_00 MOROCCO OPEN 2009-11-11
GD900 V10F_00 THAILAND OPEN 2009-11-11
GD900 V10F_00 TURKEY OPEN 2009-11-11
GD900 V10F_00 VIETNAM OPEN 2009-11-11
GD900f V10A_01 TELCEL Mexico 2009-11-10
GD900f V10a_00 BRAZIL OPEN 2009-11-09
GD900 V10e_00 IRAN OPEN 2009-11-06
GD900 V10c_00 OPTUS Australia 2009-11-05
GD900 V10F_00 HUB(SINGAPORE) 2009-11-02
GD900f V10A_04 TELEMIG BRAZIL 2009-10-30
GD900f V10A_04 VIVO BRAZIL 2009-10-30
GD900 V10B_00 HUNGARY T-MOBILE 2009-09-15
GD900 V10E_00 TAIWAN OPEN 2009-09-13
GD900E V10e_00 BEIJING UNICOM CHINA 2009-09-03
GD900e V10e_00 BEIJING UNICOM OPEN CHINA 2009-09-03
GD900 V10A_01 O2 Ireland 2009-08-12
GD900 V10e_00 SINGAPORE OPEN 2009-08-10
GD900 V10c_03 TELEKOM SERBIA 2009-08-05
GD900 V10D_00 INDONESIA OPEN 2009-08-05
GD900 V10D_00 MALAYSIA OPEN 2009-08-05
GD900 V10c_03 RAB Netherlands 2009-08-05
GD900 V10C_07 TIM ITALY 2009-08-05
GD900 V10C_01 TMN PORTUGAL 2009-07-24
GD900 V10C_03  CZECHO 2009-07-23
GD900 V10C_03 GERMANY OPEN 2009-07-23
GD900 V10C_03 SPAIN OPEN 2009-07-23
GD900 V10C_03 FRA France 2009-07-23
GD900 V10C_03 GREECE OPEN 2009-07-23
GD900 V10C_03 HUNGARY OPEN 2009-07-23
GD900 V10C_03 ITALY OPEN 2009-07-23
GD900 V10C_03 EUROPE OPEN 2009-07-23
GD900 V10C_03 NLD Netherlands 2009-07-23
GD900 V10C_03POLAND OPEN 2009-07-23
GD900 V10C_03 PORTUGAL OPEN 2009-07-23
GD900 V10C_03 ROMANIA OPEN 2009-07-23
GD900 V10C_03 Switzerland OPEN 2009-07-23
GD900 V10C_03 UNITED KINGDOM OPEN 2009-07-22

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kyox88 on 27 August, 2010 at 2:39 pm #

hi there! thx for the link…but can you provide mw with the changelog ?thx!

Manuel on 2 November, 2010 at 5:52 pm #

Why there is not a new firmware for my LG GD900, the last firmware it is so old (V10f_00 hong kong open) 2010-3-9

gd900 on 1 January, 2012 at 7:43 pm #

is it possible to use LG KM900 firmware to my LG GD900?

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