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This is a new Zippy custom Kernel for LG Optimus L70 MS323.


  • LG Optimus L70 MS323
  • V10A or V10B software version
  • Unlocked Bootloader

Kernel Features:

  • 10A Based
  • Linaro 4.7.4 with -O3 Optimizations
  • CortexA8 Optimizations
  • New Thermal System Added
  • Intelli-Plug added
  • CPU Governors= Intelliactive, Wheatley, Conservative, Lionheart, Performance, Powersave, Ondemand, Userspace, Interactive, Msm-dcvs, Lazy, SmartactiveV2, Hotplu
  • OI Schedulers= Cfq, Noop, Deadline, Cfq, SIO, Test-Shed

How to install kernel on LG Optimus L70:

  1. Use rebooter from playfulgod (Download)
  2. When booted in CWM, select [install zip]
  3. Depending on where you saved the zip, you would either select [choose zip from /sdcard] or [choose zip from /external_sd]
  4. Look for your zip file to where you saved it accordingly and select it
  5. Once it is selected, choose the option [Yes] when it asks you (Confirm install?)
  6. After installation, go all the way back to the start, and reboot (Fix root?) may be asked and select [Yes]
  7. Profit :3

Kernel Downloads:


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