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I had the LG Vu for a month and never had a problem with clarity.  The problem I had with the LG Vu was the auto screen lock which engaged when on any calls.  Trying to access voicemail or an automated system that requires you prompting from the toucnscreen keypad is a annoying process.  LG Cell phone Reviews

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First you have to press the unlock phone button on the side of the phone twice, then press the keypad icon on the touchscreen, then enter the prompt number.  If you don’t accomplish this within 2 seconds, the auto screen lock engages and you have to start the process over again.  Every time you want to prompt you have to do this.  LG-Vu info

ATT said this was a feature of the LG Vu, not a network issue.  I emailed LG and was told this feature could not be disabled and was a permanent feature of the LG Vu to prevent accidental prompting of the screen.


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