iPhone Theme v3.1 for LG Vu

This is the iPhone Theme v3.1 for the LG Vu.  In this new version, there are lots of added features, especially in the area of customization. The theme includes most of the features from iPhone 2.3, and much more! LG Cell Phone Software

LG Vu iPhone Theme v3.1 Features

  • Passcode-protected lock screen (was available in 2.3, but not 3.0) LG-Vu info
  • Revolving desktop
  • Improved background customization (resizing, moving and rotating)
  • Option to disable dock text
  • Modification support*
  • Updated graphics for the icons

LG Vu iPhone Theme v3.1 Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures

















Read the full story here. http://www.lg-vu.com/index.php?topic=18114.0

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