iPhone Theme for LG Vu

YOU MUST INSTALL THE EXTENDED INTERFACE PACKAGE BEFORE YOU CAN INSTALL THIS THEME. The link is here. The iPhone theme mods are NOT compatible with v2.2 of the theme unless stated otherwise in the mod creator’s post. LG Cell phone Software

What is it? iPhone Theme v2.2 for the LG Vu. This adds a few iPhone-like features to your LG Vu. The slide to unlock feature is NOT a “real” slide to unlock, all of the hardware buttons will still function even when you are at the slide to unlock screen. 

LG Vu – iPhone theme

iPhone Theme - lg vuiPhone Theme - lg vu 













What is included in this package? LG-Vu info

iPhone Theme v2.2
-Readme file

    Where can I get it? The package is attached to the bottom of the post, and all the information you’ll need is inside the README.

      What do I need to install it?
              -The download below for your phone’s version
              -Extended Interface Package (EIP)
              -Readme file

      Read the full story here. lg-vu.com

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      9 thoughts on “iPhone Theme for LG Vu”

      1. go to lg-vu.com for the theme it works i’m using it. There are more themes there, android, BB storm, and more.

      2. You must be registered and logged in to lg-vu.com in order to download. Registration is free and so is the theme.

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