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Here’s the tutorial to teach you how to install Prada Theme to your LG Cookie, though there’s many bugs exist: No widgets, No AZERTY, BlackScreens, Black icons, Many traces of the old theme (draw panel). This thread is originally posted by art903 on mylgcookie.com. Thanks for his great works.  LG-Cookie info

install Prada Theme to your LG Cookie

Step 1: Get your CUST partition.

Turn off your phone.

Open KP500-Utils-En. Choose option "D". Then, write \\.\USB1 , then the adress of your sec-pack file, so for example C:\KP500.flb (you know how to get this file). Then, write "CUST_THEME".

At the end of the process, there are two files in the folder of the KP500-Utils. One .big, one without extension. Remove the .big file. Make a backup of your CUST partition. (without extension)


Step 2: Open the CUST partition and modify.

Deplace your CUST partition on the C:\. Open WinImage, and open this file. Click "OK" at the beginning of the openning. Go in LGAPP\dmf. Erase all files. LG Cell phone Software

Download these files. Decompress the archive, copy all folders and files you see in the folder "DMF" and paste it on the "dmf" folder in WinImage. Click "Yes". Save (Ctrl + S).



Step 3: Send your modified CUST.

Open KP500-Utils-En. Choose option "C". Then \\.\USB1, then, C:\KP500.flb, then C:\CUST_THEME. Wait about 5 minutes. Enjoy


If you want to restore the old theme, send your backup of your default CUST.

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