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How to Install Games on the LG Viewty? LG Phone Problem and solution

a) Using USB Cable to transfer files offline: LG-Viewty info

You must have external storage for this to work i.e a Transflash / Micro-SD card.

Download any .jar game that you want.

If you use windows xp, it will very likely rename the extension of the file to .zip. Go to control panel > folder options > view and enable the “show filename extensions”. Rename the .zip back to a .jar

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Set the LG Viewty phones USB mode to Mass storage (menu > Settings > Phone Settings > Connectivity > USB Connection Mode > Mass storage).

Ensure LG Viewty Phone is connected and drag and drop the game into the drive not within a folder but the drive itself.

The LG Viewty should now allow and accept the file transfer.

b) Using the handsets browser to download and install:
Go to (you can also do this on PC for other method or on handset browser with username:, password: viewty
click the download links.

You will get the message on handset “Unsupported file, Download”. Ignore this and download. It is simply telling you the file does not come with a secure certificate.

Click “yes” and file will appear in your others folder.

Install the game from in there and it will be in the “games and apps” folder.

You may now delete the file from the “others” folder.

“look at this video, it shows how to put games on and where from, very useful.

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