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Here is a tutorial on how to increase the LG Viewty’s media player volume for the headphones, this instruction is originally created by chrisdaniels. Hope it helps you! LG-Viewty info

1/ From the LG Viewty dial 3845#*990# to enter the service menu
2/ Go to 2 Device Test
3/ then 8 Sound
4/ then 7 Audio CAL Tool
5/ then 1 Audio Calibration
6/ 3 Change Sound DB
7/ Change snd_device_type to SND_STEREO_HEADSET_MEDIA (3rd one)
8/ Change snd_method_type to METHOD_MIDI
9/ Change Item_Title to rx_volume_db7(dec) (This is the Max Volume Setting, db0 is the lowest or silent)
10/ notice what it says in Get Data ? something like -1400 ? this is what we need to change.

Guide is: -50000 is silent.So therefore 0 (zero) should be full blast BUT this also increases the Bass so 0 would be very distorted. And a positive figure even more so.
I think the limit is around -500.

I currently have mine set to -500 and for the most part seems fine, but i am using Sony Ericsson walkman earphones which are decent quality. There maybe differences with other headsets.

To change click in the box for set data. Enter 500 and click OK. Then click the -(MINUS) button, and click OK to change it.

*** NOW, click the return arrow *** not C

11/ Finally click on Write Sound DB to EFS

Now use C to come to first Service menu and then press Red.

If you are already running media player at the volume level you just changed, you need to move down and then back up a level to hear the adjustment.

It maybe best to make a note of any figures you change so you can undo any mistakes.
Enjoy louder tunes on the move. LG Phone Problem and Solution

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