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The LG Optimus G provides users with friendly shortcuts that can provide instant access to phone applications such as Call dialer, Text message, Email and Camera, while maintaining high security on your device, made possible through Android version, ICS.

If you prefer having a higher level of security than the standard Swipe to unlock feature, but still want quick access to making Calls, Texts, Emails and Camera, this new ICS tip will allow you to have the best of both worlds!

1. If you haven’t already, let’s change your Lock screen setting from Swipe to Pattern.  In order to do so, unlock your device by swiping across the screen and then go to Settings (Tap the key with 3 horizontal lines at the bottom right of your device).

2. Once in the settings menu, go to Lock screen settings and then proceed to where it says “Pattern”. You will be brought to a brief tutorial teaching you how to set a pattern, as well as an explanation of the benefit of using a pattern to lock your screen.

3. Proceed to the following screen by pressing “Next”. Now is where you set your unlock pattern of at least 4 dots. It will ask you to record your pattern once and then again for confirmation. After drawing your pattern two times, press “confirm” and it will lead you to a security PIN screen. You will set up a PIN code of at least 4 digits in case you ever forget your unlock pattern. You will enter your PIN code twice for the record and confirmation just as you did with the pattern.

4. After pressing “OK”, your lock screen settings are officially changed and saved. Now let’s proceed to the fun part and try out the pattern unlock shortcut!

5. In the picture below, you will see that we converted the simple Swipe unlock feature into a high security pattern. You will also notice that with the pattern unlock security, it appears that the 4 Applications at the bottom of the original screen, are now gone. However, we will help you find them once again with a quick and simple shortcut!

6. Begin to draw the pattern you recently recorded in the Lock screen settings, and as you arrive to the last dot of your pattern, hold and long press on it until the original 4 Applications Appear.

7. As you see in the pictures above, it demonstrates the long press on the last dot and then 4 Applications (Call, SMS, Email, Camera) appear once again just as they had previously in the Swipe unlock feature. From there, you can simply tap on whichever Application you want easy access to.

This shortcut saves you time from having to unlock your LG Optimus G and search for the Application. This is one of the many awesome features that ICS provides, that probably some LG Optimus G users had no idea existed! 

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