iGo GPS App for LG Incite

The iGO is a new GPS software for the LG Incite. Caution: Turn off aGPS before starting the iGO GPS on your LG Incite or you may incur date charges. LG Cell Phone Software

Step 1: Download iGO (Incite Version) and GPSGate from here: LG-Incite info

Step 2: Extract that RAR file onto your desktop. It will probably be a folder titled iGO8_Incite.

Step 3: Establish an ActiveSync connection to your phone, then copy the files INSIDE the iGO8_Incite folder (iGO8 folder and GPSGatePPC.ARM.cab) to your SD card on your Incite.

Step 4: Check this website for the map file you wish to use:

Download it, then extract it to your desktop.

Step 5: With your still connected Incite, open the iGO8 folder in the root of your SD card that you just copied over. You will need to copy 4 files from your map to various folders within the "content" folder of the iGO8 folder. From your map folder, copy the files into these areas:

Building files ending in .3dc (3D building) and .3dl (3d Landmark) go in this folder.

The Map file with the .fbl extension goes in here.

Point of interest files go in here, ending with .poi.


Step 6: You may now unplug your phone. In your install, I have included several language files and voice files for you to choose from, so should you get any errors for those, explain the error below and we’ll try to help out.

Step 7: Open your File Explorer and run the GPSGate cab file that you copied over earlier, installing GPSGate to your incite. Run GPSGate after this, pressing the ">" button to let it search and find your connection. If I recall, it opened up port 2 on my Incite (remember this for iGO). Baud didn’t matter, it opened them all.

Step 8: Once GPSGate successfully finishes, use File Explorer to navigate to the iGO8 folder in your SD card, then run iGO8.exe. Turn Advanced mode on, then go into "Settings", then "GPS". Select your port as port 2, with any Baud you like. It should say something to the effect of "GPS Connected Successfully" on the top of the screen.

Step 9: Go back to the home screen and enjoy your new GPS!

Step 10: (Optional) Create a shortcut of the iGO.exe program to the Windows\Start Menu\Programs folder. Use file explorer on your phone to create the shortcut. (Thanks Homerwasa)

PS: If you have issues with your satellite losing signal, make sure your iGO GPS is set to "Backlight Always On" and turn your accelerometer off while using and it shouldn’t be an issue.

iGO GPS Screenshots (Don’t worry, ours is in English) LG Cell Phone Pictures

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Credit: ClearD  on www.lg-incite.com

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