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I found the HTC Today screen plugin that could possibly solve many people’s frustrations with the original HTC plugin.  I have configured it to work in portrait and landscape modes and the task manager icon still works at the top. I had to do some tweaking to get it to look right but it is (in my opinion) worth it in the end. LG-Incite info

You will need the plugin, a spacer, and Advanced Configuration to do this.

Click this link to download the Plugin:

This does not lead to any pages, this is just a direct download link. (Mods if this still breaks any rules just let me know and i will be more than  happy to edit this and upload the cab myself.)

Also, you will need to download a spacer:

just look directly on the right side for the download. You only need one but you can download the 2nd one too if you want.

And you can find Advanced Config all over this forum if you don’t have it already.

Now the fun begins:
Install all of the cabs on to your LG Incite. (directly on the phone is best)

Once you install everything, reboot your LG Incite. (for the sake of keeping everything neat you can turn off all other today plugins before hand)

After it finishes booting up, you should have the new HTC plug in already started.
Open Advanced Config and scroll all the way down until you see "HTC Home" and set the "Lock position:" to NO
Exit out of Advanced Config and open your Today screen settings.
Go the the "Items" tab.
Now I would recommend not having any other plugins checked other than "Spacer" and "HTC Home". You really dont need anything else becuase it is all accessible through the htc home plugin.
you want to make sure you move HTC Home below anything else you decide to check this will allow the plugin to be at the bottom of the screen. (this looks best in my opinion)
With the Spacer above HTC Home, select Spacer and hit "Opions".
Spacer height should be 185 if you don’t have anything else checked.
Check the box for "Landscape height" and enter a value of 10.
Now hit OK for everything and get back to your Today screen.
You now have the new HTC plugin that you can play with.

This thing is awesome because it has 6 tabs:
Home-> Favorite People -> Weather -> Quick Launcher -> Phone ring settings -> Music Player

favorite people and quick launcher are my favorite becuase it allows you to set 9 important contacts for quick access and the quick launcher is essentially the same only with programs.
If you use the calender often and have many appointemts, that might be the only thing you would need to add the the top seeing as how this plug in does not show upcoming appointments.

Let me know if you have any questions.
I have not found any issues with it yet, so if you find any let us know and I’m sure a work around can be found.

I am not the original creator of any of these files. The original creator should get all the credit for this and thanks for teoami posting this. You are also using these files at YOUR own risk. Any problems that arise from using these are considered the sole responsibility of the user.


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