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I have been searching for information about using the LG Versa as a modem to connect to my ISP. There are allusions to the "DUN Hack" which I am not interested in since it is really theft of service. LG Phone Problem and Solution

What I want to do is make a dial-up connection to my own ISP. This uses voice minutes and is perfectly legal (although very slow). All of my previous phones allowed me to do this but it seems that the LG Versa has disabled this capability. Whenever I try to dial a number other than #777 (the Verizon DUN number) the LG Versa responds with "NO CARRIER". LG-Versa info

I went to the Service Programming screen ->Data->Data Setting->Data Pkt Orig Str and changed the dial string to the phone number of my ISP. That did not work. I also tried enabling QNC from the Data menu also without success.

I stopped by a Verizon store today and asked them about this and the response was that they get the phones "locked down" and there is nothing they can do.

Certainly the LG Versa is capable of being a modem since it must do so to access Verizon’s data network. I am convinced that the feature has been purposely disabled, thus there must be a way to enable it.

I borrowed a Dare and confirmed that it works fine as a modem so it appears that just the LG Versa has had the feature disabled. I’m taking my LG Versa back and switching for a Dare. As a result of trying to screw their customers over such a trivial matter, Verizon will now end up with a used LG Versa to dispose of. Verizon has such annoying control issues.

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