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Hello Everyone, I was searching all over Google and Yahoo to find out how to do a USB tethering on the LG Optimus 2. This is only for Windows based machines. I’ve tested this to work on my 32-bit Windows 7 laptop. LG Android Phones

How to USB Tether LG Optimus 2 without Rooting Steps:

  1. Be sure the LG Optimus 2 is not plugged into the computer. Download the LG Mobile Support Tool from the hereLG Phone Problem and Solution
  2. Open the B2CAppSetup.exe file that was just downloaded and install the software. When finished open the LGMobile Update program that was just installed, click the “Customer Support” menu at the top, and click “Application, Manual, & USB Driver Download” option.
  3. On the phone, from the home screen click the  Menu button and tap Settings. Scroll to the bottom and tap “About Phone” and tap “Status”. Scroll to “MEID HEX” and on the computer enter that number into the IMEI/ESN/MEID field and click the magnifying glass icon.
  4. Double click on the file with the Type labeled “USB Driver” and it will install the necessary files. Once it is complete click OK to return to the previous window. Close out of the previous windows entirely by clicking the X in the upper right corner.
  5. Open the “Computer” or “My Computer” icon and open the C:\ drive. Open the folder labeled LG680. Open and install the LGMobileUnitedDriver file.  Once that is complete open the LG_Smartphone folder and open and install the LGSmartPhone_ModemlinkDUNDrive file.
  6. Connect the LG Optimus 2 to the computer using the provided USB cable. Drag down the notification bar and be sure USB Connected shows “Charge Only”. If it says “Mass Storage” tap it and select Charge Only and tap Done.
  7. Allow the drivers to install completely; it may take up to 5 minutes. Once it is complete, from the home screen click Menu and tap Settings. Tap Wireless and networks, tap Tethering & Portable Hotspot, and tab the box next to USB Tethering to check it. LG-Optimus info

Hope this helps anyone with similar tethering issues.

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