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LG has released the Android 2.3 Gingerbread software update for LG Phoenix for a few months. But so far as I know, for some reason a lot of LG Phoenix users still haven’t updated their phone. That’s the reason why I write this article for you here. LG Android Phones

Method One (Support Tool) RECOMMENDED:
     1. Download LG Mobile Support Tool and install it
     2. Make sure you have the drivers. If you don’t have them get them here.
     3. Run the support tool
     4. Plug in your LG Phoenix (Do not activate USB storage) and follow the onscreen instructions
It will go into emergency mode, this is normal
     5. When it reboots, one of two things will happen:
          a) It will go to the battery charging screen, if it does this, reboot it.
          b) It will simply reboot.
     6. Do a factory reset
          a) Remove and replace the battery
          b) Hold Power + Volume Up + Home (As if booting into CWM)
          c) Let it boot normally

If you do not do a factory reset your LG Phoenix will hang on boot.

Method Two (KDZ Updater):
     I have not personally tried this method, but reports say it works
     1. Download the KDZ Updater Tool and the KDZ File
     2. Enable USB Debugging (Settings > Applications > Development)
     3. Close EVERYTHING on your PC
     4. Disable LG Virtual Modem (On the PC go to Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager > Modems > Right click on LGE Virtual Modem and hit Disable) If it isn’t there don’t worry.
     5. Move all your apps to the phone memory, and then unmount the SD card, and remove it from the phone.
     6. Open the .7z file (with 7-Zip ) and extract it
     7. Run msxml.msi
     8. Connect your phone (Use the USB ports on the back of your computer)
     9. Run KDZ_FW_UPD.exe
     10. Select 3GQCT for type and DIAG for phone mode.
     11. Browse to the KDZ file you are flashing.
     12. Press "Launch Software Update"
     13. Your phone must have be update to V20F now, good luck! LG Phone Problem and Solution

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