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This tutorial on how to update LG GW520 Calisto is originally posted in Italian and translated by Google. LG Phone Problem and Solution

How to update LG GW520 Calisto Original post:

First of all some recommendations:

– Make a backup of everything that’s in the phone before flashing the firmware, you never know you could lose all or a range of data heading
– As a precaution I have run all these steps without a SIM and microSD inserted, even advice you to do it (should not happen at all if not removed, but you never know)
– The battery must be inserted and also sufficiently charged when you upgrade the firmware, I believe at least two notches (of this I’m not sure, but I saw that the program checks the battery level before making the flash firmware)
– When you changed the firmware, DO NOT start the flash update the firmware for the LG normally otherwise you call that of tim!. Once you have changed the firmware, when you upgrade you have to use the method described in this guide.
– I do not assume any responsibility in case of problems
– Msn is only in the firmware of Tim, so do not put no brand if you want to keep messenger.

And let’s start to update the LG GW520 Calisto :
1) Download the utilities necessary to change the firmware: DOWNLOAD (mirror)
2) Extract the archive downloaded from megaupload so you have the files with utilities ready
3) Double-click on file B2CAppSetup.exe to install the utility of flash firmware lg (if at the end of the installation process you open the program window, close it) and extract the archive LGUSBModemDriver_WHQL_ML_Ver_4.9.4_NP_IFXG1. 0.0.6 (2).zip to a folder you like. Once we have extracted the file for installing drivers usb modem and a folder FlashUsb with the drivers for the flash via USB.
4) Install both of these drivers (just double-clicking on the executable).
5) Now extract the archive to a folder Lg-utils.zip at will, and extract the contents of LgDll.rar into the same folder where we extracted Lg-utils in order to overwrite two dll and LGMobileDL.dll LGMUpgradeDL.dll. WARNING: if not overwrite two dll, the process of installing the firmware will not start, so be sure to do so.
Now, take stock of the situation. We installed the modem driver, flash, flash dell’LG utility, extract the utility Lg-utils and overwritten the dll. If we did everything, we are ready to make the change of the firmware, then:
6) Move the firmware file in C:\ (this is done only for convenience)
7) Plug the phone with the provided cable and PC Suite how shall we say
8a) Wait until you start the PC Suite and tell us which identified the phone (in our case GW520) and shortened to an icon
8b) We initiate the file KP500-utils-EN.exe
9) At this point you open a DOS window with
the options. We write in order:
– I [Enter]
– GW520 [Enter]
– C:\V10A_02.kdz (or the name of the firmware file you downloaded you, including path) [Enter]
– V10A_02 (or the name of the file you downloaded you without the Extension. KDZ) [enter]
10) At this point you should open the program window to update the firmware lg (in verbose mode ). Let’s have coffee, a cigarette fumiamoci pending flash fw and once finished we should have on our phone firmware you want (you not see right away if you changed the fw as not seeing the launch of TIM). I beg you, when you do this ABSOLUTELY NOT SPARE phone from the PC and can not do anything during the operation of flash, even looking at the time.
11) Enjoy your Intouch with the desired firmware

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