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How to Update LG Extravert Steps:

1. After plugging the LG Extravert into your PC using USB Cable, you could see a window pops up, prompting you to install the Verizon Update Assistant.  Press Yes to proceed.

2. Press “Yes” with license agreement to download and install USB driver and Upgrade Assistant.  Press “No” to cancel downloading, then the window will disappear and nothing will happen

3. You’ll see a progress Bar as it Starts to download the Upgrade Assistant. You can press cancel to stop the process.

4. Press “Install Now” to install

5. After the installation is complete, a new Icon of phone will be in the system tray of your PC.

6. The new Icon represents a process running in the background of your PC and will check the LG Update Server for updates for your Phone.

7. After installation of the Update tool, each time you plug your phone into your PC it will check for software updates that are available for your Extravert….  A window will pop up informing you that an Update is available when there is one.  Click on "Upgrade Device Now" to start the update, or "Upgrade Later" if you are too busy to update at this moment.  If you choose to update now, a window will open for the update.

8. If your PC detects that your Extravert is connected, The upgrade button will be enabled to select, but if it doesn’t detect your phone, the button will be grayed out.  Make sure you click on your Phone to make the Upgrade Button active


9. Press “Upgrade <LGVN271> to start the upgrade.

10. Press “Close” to exit this tool, if you decide not to upgrade at this time.  you can cancel an update that’s in progress, you can hit cancel, and then resume the update at a later time

11. You can upgrade more than one Extravert on your Computer system.  When you plug in another phone it will show up in the upgrade window.  Highlight the correct phone and start the update….  Each time you plug in any of the phones you have, it will check it’s software version


12. You can delete the old phones from the Updater, if you don’t want them to appear, just highlight the old phone and press “Delete” to delete the device information which was connected before

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dan on 20 March, 2012 at 7:30 pm #

the prompt to dl the verizon software upgrade assistant never comes up.ive got the usb mode set to modem mode.not that it matters it dosent come up on either usb mode setting.

usuckmax on 8 May, 2012 at 9:02 am #

when you plug in your USB, it should have an option to run a TL_Bootstrap.exe program. that will start the install

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